There are thousands (millions?) of “web design” firms that can be found via a simple search. Often you will end up at a site that uses phrases like “our team,” and always speaks in plural; “we will design” … “our programmers,” etc. It’s only later that you find out it’s actually just one guy (or maybe two), working out of his home.

I won’t lead you on in that way; I am just one guy. When you have a problem or question, you won’t be dealing with some smooth talking account executive whose primary goal is to unruffle your feathers, over a lunch that will later be marked up and added to your bill. You’ll be dealing with the guy who will be up to his elbows in your site, and who can therefore offer you the full range of options. And who rarely has time for lengthy lunches.

I may be just one guy, but I think I bring a diverse skill set to the table. And as a freelance worker (for 17 years now), I am always looking for new opportunities where I can utilize and expand my unique combination of skills and experience; the ability to mix words, design, and images to sell a product or service on the Internet. These diverse abilities at writing, photography, and designing web pages were developed over the course of a varied career.

In the late 70’s and 80’s, I worked full-time in radio. Responsible for concepting, writing and producing an average of ten radio commercials per week, I learned the skill of turning a client’s ideas into words in a manner that would sell a product or service in 30 seconds or less. In addition, as Program Director I was responsible for all matters related to the station’s “air sound,” including hiring, training, supervising, and scheduling a virtual Animal House of a dozen Disc Jockeys. This experience honed extensive and well-tested management and people skills.

But radio is a young man’s career, and in 1985 (at the ripe old age of 26), I went back to school, taking the two year advertising photography program at the Portfolio Center. I’ve been working freelance in that industry in Atlanta, Georgia, since 1987. In addition to working for various Atlanta studios and catalog houses, I have served a broad range of clients, including Austin Kelley Advertising, Honda Power Equipment, Atlanta Hawks, Stanley Tools, Innomedia, Peridot Distinctive Gifts and Alpha Precision. I have extensive experience at photographing a wide range of products for advertising purposes, as well as people.

And then along came the World Wide Web, where I could “publish” my words and images combined. It has become my perfect canvas. I started studying HTML in February, 1996. In July of that year, I unwittingly made web history by being the first individual to cover the Olympics on the Web in something approaching “real time” (though it has been left in its original primitive form — to keep me humble — today people would call it a “weblog”), and it attracted far more attention than I expected, from the likes of USA Today, Photo District News and others. Six months later, I launched this domain, and gained further notice from publications ranging from Desktop Electronic Publishing to Entrepreneur : Home Office. Before I knew it, people wanted to pay me to make graphics and sites for them.

And now, here you are.

But you now know a lot more about me than I do about you. If you have a project to which you think I could contribute, please click the “Contact” link on this page, and send me an e-mail about it.