My assignment involved two days of on site photography at Champion Computer, after extensive consultation and planning with the owner and site designer. This page is representative of the layout and colors for the planned site, and the manner in which I presented the final graphics to the client. A small sampling of the 56 final graphics delivered can be seen by following the links below.

Much of the task of presenting the company's facilities, and the people that work there was pretty straight-forward. But there were some problems that called for special solutions.

The client wanted to show his beautiful building, including the sign at the entrance. But the sign was over a hundred yards away from the building, making a single photo an ugly option. No problem, just take a shot of the building, and another of the sign. Digitally combine them, then choose which new position you like best.

And the images at the top of this page are another example. The smaller version at top left is the way he was shot on site. The "computer parts" surrounding him in the other version (top right) were shot separately, and added later.